The History of SIN

The Society of Iniquity and Naughtiness, or SIN, was founded some ten thousand years ago, back when the world was fresh and the horrors that faced the world were only just coming into view. Three enemies at the time; Nosferatu, Aseir Dundragon, and Urorgonakaul realized that it didn’t do for the good people being the only ones to get organized. Thus the concept for SIN was created. Unfortunately while Nosferatu, Aseir Dundragon , and Urorgonakaul were very good at what they did, they were not so good at what they didn’t do and what they didn’t do was come up with society names. Until now.

Perhaps alcohol at the villains pub would provide some enlightenment. So off our villains went.

Unfortunately all it brought was a drunken stupor that was so extreme even Urorgonakaul was rendered less coherent than normal.

After much drunken discussion Nosferatu pointed out that Nosferatu didn’t want to make a “club or a guild or some other pansies two bit hero hidey hole”, just a society.

Aseir Dundragon got in on this by pointing out that she really just wanted to "make the world a more…. inocius…..? iniquinoss…..? iniquitous! place’ .

Urorgonakaul, even more incoherently pointed out he just wanted to be an anti-hero, or “more not-y”.

Upon awakening after their night of almost complete blackout amnesia, all the three mistrustful enemies remember is “society”, Iniquitous", and “naughty”.

Thus, SIN was born.

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The History of SIN

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